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Self Advocacy is...

Speaking for yourself,
choosing for yourself,
and working with others
to make the community
better for everyone!



This self advocacy group is led by people with disabilities,

with assistance from advisors


People First is a self-advocacy group of mildly challenged individuals

sponsored by Advocacy & Inclusion Matter of West Central Minnesota.

For most of their lives, these young people have been the recipients of services and gifts from others. Now as a means of integrating in the community, People First members are giving back in a unique way - volunteerism.


The volunteerism began 12 years ago when People First members joined the Adopt a Highway project. As a result of this participation, other projects followed. Initially, People First members relied on their advisors to arrange volunteer activities. However, in the last 2 years individual projects are being undertaken - walking dogs at the Humane Society, visiting nursing homes,

coaching Special Olympics and Food Shelf drives.  


People First members are always looking for new ways to volunteer!

For more information on engaging their services contact the AIM office at 320-231-1777.


People First hold monthly meetings throughout the year. Along with volunteer projects, meetings are fun social gatherings that have included outings to Big Kahuna, potlucks, and holiday parties. They usually meet on the third Thursday of the month. The meetings are held at Vinje Church in Willmar @ 6:00 p.m.





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