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Provides opportunities and resources to support inclusion and independence for people with disabilities. 

Advocacy & Inclusion Matter (AIM) of West Central Minnesota  is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. AIM began as an Arc chapter in the 1957, and in 2016 became an independent organization. AIM has been serving a population of over 1200 adults, children, and families on an annual basis with advocacy, referral, education, and social inclusion services.   



In the early days, the organization worked in 3 ways to:


1. Change the public's perception of children and adults with developmental disabilities.


2. Create a vision of educating parents and others regarding the potential of people with these disabilities.


3. Procure services for children and adults who were denied day care, pre-school education, and education or work programs.



Today there are many housing choices for this population ranging from living in a group home with three other adults to living and owning their own home. Sheltered workshops and jobs in the community allow for people with disabilities to work and earn money to help support themselves. The system has added case management services, Individual Education Plans, and a language that allows dignity and respect for these people with developmental disabilities.


But our work is not done!


While much has been achieved, AIM continues to support people with disabilities as they work toward greater inclusion in the community.




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